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Become a Patron and Support Family-friendly Community Art & Music

We are all volunteers here! We depend upon your kind support to keep the mission alive.

Choose a Patron Plan

Influence Music Hall offers several patron plans to better serve your individual needs.

Influence Music Hall is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Everyone making it happen are unpaid volunteers. Please help support community music!

* for more information contact IMH

$5 / month

$50 / year ($10 savings)

* subject to scheduling & availability

$10 / month

$100 / year ($20 savings)

* subject to scheduling & availability

$25 / month

$250 / year ($50 savings)

* subject to scheduling & availability

$100 / month

$1000 / year ($200 savings)

Patron Plans Do Not Automatically Renew

Please note that all active Patrons must renew their patron plan each month (or year as the case may be). This can be completed conveniently online. All active Patrons will receive an email reminder of an upcoming payment three (3) days prior to the due date. Email reminders will also be sent one (1) day after the due date as well as three (3) days following the due date. For more information or help renewing contact Influence Music Hall.

Become an Artist-in-Residence at Influence Music Hall

Put your finest art on display in the Influence Music Hall Gallery.

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Donations are of course tax-deductable
Giving Online
Use the convenient PayPal Donation link (above) to donate any amount you want online. Thank You!!
Giving By Check
Contact Influence Music Hall for information on donating by check. Thank You!
How Donations Are Used
All donations go directly toward supporting the operations of Influence Music Hall. Every person working for Influence Music Hall is an unpaid volunteer. Every dollar goes toward licensing, overhead, promotions and equipment. Thank You for your donation!!

Influence Music Hall

135 SE Third Avenue

Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

(503) 701-6859

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Influence Music Hall

Influence Music Hall
135 SE 3rd Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97123, USA


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