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El Condor - Performed by Guarda Che Luna - Throwback Thursday ~ Circa 2011. Guarda Che Luna performing El Condor at  Influence Music Hall. Bill Siebold and Tamara Pozzi

El Condor - Performed by Guarda Che Luna

Throwback Thursday ~ Circa 2011. Guarda Che Luna p...

What would the night he like without a little Michael Jackson... Who knows, we heard some tonight...

What would the night he like without a little Mich...

Another great performance, here's a glance

Another great performance, here's a glance

Grif brings it again with an oldie but a goodie... Watch what you are missing... Come out and enjoy

Grif brings it again with an oldie but a goodie......

A great FULL house tonight and it was great seeing familiar and old friends! We will see you next Friday night for another repeat stellar night! Enjoy some Lionel Richie from an IMH friend played tonight!

A great FULL house tonight and it was great seeing...

A little taste of Katy Perry done influence style by father and daughter tonight!

A little taste of Katy Perry done influence style ...

No better way to end the night then with John Tyner and Tyner Time as we have come to call it... His version of Treetop Flyer; please enjoy!!!

No better way to end the night then with John Tyne...

We startin thangs out right at IMH!! Check out Zack bringing in some new flavor! 14 yrs old! We love you Zack and thanks for coming out!!!

We startin thangs out right at IMH!! Check out Zac...

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Friday Open-Mic at Influence Music Hall! All cozy inside of Influence Gallery and Music Hall. Sign up at 7:00 with music going LIVE at 7:30.
FDM 3-11-17 @ Under the Influence night sky!
Jeff Kossack and Jimmy Yessian made 3-11-17 an evening to remember at Influence Music Hall.
Bunched in with the Fine Art of Influence Gallery - This is the best Influence Gallery....on a Friday Night! ☺
Friday Open-Mic @ Influence Music Hall! Whacked into the surreal scenery of Fine Art Influence Gallery - This Open-Mic is simply "Groovy"
Every Friday - Got Music? With the Fine Art of Influence Gallery, the professional mix of a Seasoned Sound Engineer, and patrons who LOVE Live Music....this is the Open-Mic to be at tonight!
Friday Open-Mic is on!
2016 comes to a close and so does our 10th year as Influence Gallery and Music Hall!

A “Heartfelt” and sincere thank you to each one of you who have supported us! In 2016 we enjoyed more than 700 live performances, sold 18 pieces of Fine Art, and we finished 2016 with a few hundred dollars in the bank!

Thank you to the following people who are the Board of Directors for our little 501(c)(3):

John Tyner, Rodney Stubbs, Christine Navarro, Evan Acey,  Bill Siebold, Oh Cee, Terri Rushford, Elijah Bryant, Jullane Rich, Sue McKenney, Skip Farmer, Catherine Bede, Andy Harrison.

A special “Shout Out” to John Clements for his dedicated volunteer hours!

We love all of you and we are hopeful that 2017 can be the best year yet!

From all of us – “Thank You” and….HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Open-Mic Friday! Nestled in amongst the Fine Art of Influence Art Gallery! Awesome! can still get one of the remaining Christmas CD's!! Many original songs and some classic favs - mostly recorded live at Influence Music Hall! CD's are $10.00
Friday Open-Mic!

Pies, cookies, potato salad, baked beans...if it does not need to be heated, kept warm or kept cold...and you have some left over...BRING IT ON!! Oh....that and your 3 Songs/or 15 minutes (whichever comes first) music set!

Nestled in amongst the Fine Art of Influence Gallery - this is one of the best Open-Mic events you will find anywhere!!
Friday Open Mic! Got Tunes?
Got tunes? Friday Open Mic Influence Music Hall

The premier "Hate Free" Zone! Nestled in amongst the Fine Art of Influence Gallery, this is the place for music of every variety!!
Why sweat outside....when you can break some beads all over that crazy guitar on the Influence Music Hall Stage! 

Open Mic Friday - Got tunes?
The Air conditioner is on and the beverages are cold! 

Got tunes? Friday Open-Mic is here!
Influence says "We will miss you, Celeste".
Got song? It's Open-Mic Friday at Influence Music Hall!
Got Tune? It's Open-Mic Friday @ Influence Music Hall!
Got Music? It's Open-Mic Friday @ Influence Music Hall!!!!
Got Music? It's OPEM-MIC FRIDAY! Bring you talent and we will give you are time!
Happening now! Tony Cardo on stage playing original tunes during our First Tuesday Art Walk! Tonight until 8 pm.
Open Mic Friday! Special guest M/C - Garry White!!!!

Got song?
Don't forget - First Tuesday at Influence Musical Hall & Gallery is right around the corner! Join us next Tuesday, March 1st, as Tony Cardo shares his musical talent with us during our monthly artists' reception!

Songwriter Tony Cardo has been living in, and enjoying Portland for more than 19 years. He says about original songs, "I enjoy writing songs because they can be bigger than you - Writing original songs can be a creation derived from a greater place". Tony is also available for songwriting collaboration and would love to help write lyrics for your song.

See you Tuesday!
The Stardust is still floating...and so will you! Nestled amongst the Fine Art of Influence Gallery - It's OPEN MIC FRIDAY!
Open-Mic Friday! 

Nestled in amongst the Fine Art of Influence Gallery
Best show in town! 

Bring it on!!
First Tuesday February 2016 is this Tuesday at a brand new time! Please join us from 6-8 pm on February 2nd and enjoy artwork by Barbara Martin, Linsday Hanway, Polly Shaw, Jullane Rich, Catherine Bede and our newest artist, Bruce Horne! 

Bruce Horne, whom you might know from the company he owns with his wife Dorie, Midnite Oils, was raised by a family that embraced and encouraged creativity and all aspects of the arts. In high school he was the art editor of his school paper and won a national award for one of his cartoons. He attended Western Illinois University and graduated with a BA in Art Education. He married Dorie the week after they graduated - she has the same degree and is a talented artist as well. He taught Art for Exceptional Children and was art teacher at the Illinois State University Laboratory School.  After they moved to Oregon, he taught preschool and before and after school art and music activities... one his my past students is Matt Brown, illustrious singer and guitarist! He continues to create his "mindscapes" and animal drawings as he finds time in their busy MIDNITE OILS schedule.

I think you will agree his art is a perfect addition to the gallery. Welcome Bruce!
Sha! Dude! It's so totally Open-Mic Friday!!
Nestled in amongst the Fine Art of Influence Gallery - Attending Open-Mic Friday @ Influence Music Hall can cause sudden outbursts of joy, peace, laughter, and intense bouts of love!
It's Open-Mic Friday!
Influence Music Hall: Western Oregon's finest Friday Night Open Mic. Fine art, great music and wonderful people. This is what you should be doing on your Friday nights ...
Don't forget - this Tuesday is the Art Walk in downtown Hillsboro! Join us at Influence from 5-8 pm for our monthly artist's reception as Eldorado Gene takes the stage with many of his original tunes. ‘Eldorado’ Gene Ralph is an entrepreneur, songwriter, balladeer, recording artist, indie music publisher, U.S.N. veteran, and former gold miner. He began writing songs around 1960 and has 50 works registered in the Library of Congress. Gene is a long-time supporter of Hillsboro, Oregon’s Tualatin Valley Artists and Influence Music Hall. See you then!
Tuesday, 5-8 pm! Join us for First Tuesday at Influence Music Hall & Gallery. Barbara Martin, one of our artists-in-residence, will be hosting our reception with a live painting demonstration. 

Barbara has most recently been painting on plywood panels -just black and white.  She begins by fingerpainting black onto black paper and making a printmark onto the board. That area usually turns into a face. From that point, the piece evolves organically. Sometimes she writes on it as well, and uses two brushes and her hands to paint.

Stop by for some wine tasting, complimentary hors d'oeuvres by Dave Clark of King Cuisine, and to see Barbara's artistic process and some of her newest work!
We will be featuring new art by Polly Shaw during the December First Tuesday Art Walk artists' reception at Influence Music Hall & Gallery! 

Polly Shaw likes to paint "alla prima", meaning quickly and spontaneously. She usually finishes a painting in one session, so her paintings look fresh and not overworked. She enjoys being outside, which has allowed her to create many Plein Air paintings. Her biggest challenge is figure painting, and she especially loves the challenge of painting the female form. She feels this subject lets her be playful with paint color and value. She works in oil, watercolors and oil pastels.    

Visit us from 5-8 pm on Tuesday, December 1 so see some of Polly's new work.
As performers we give ourselves away...Goh Kurosawa and Tony Cardo did just that. The audience received the gift well with awe!
Some of the treats people may go home with from the open mic this week in honor of Halloween.  The crystal ball says we will have a ball.
November First Tuesday at Influence Music Hall!
Great open jam tonight!!!!

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