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Friday Night Open Mic

at Influence Music Hall

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Directions to Friday Night Open Mic

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Influence Music Hall
135 SE 3rd Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97123, USADirections

It’s Easy to Sign-Up for Open Mic

(So you can focus on making your performance great)

At 6:30PM on Friday Night

Go to Influence Music Hall. Pick up a numbered ticket. The number on this ticket determines your signing-up priority for that evening’s set list. It is also your evening’s raffle ticket (you could win a prize).

At 7:00PM Sign-up Begins

The evening’s sign-up sheet is available so you can sign up for your performance (based on the number of your ticket). Keep in mind that young people under 18 are preferentially scheduled into the first performance times to ensure they can perform before 9PM.

At 7:30PM Music Begins!!

Each performer on the sign-up sheet gets three songs or fifteen minutes (whichever comes first). Influence Music Hall staff are on hand to help get you set up and checked into the sound board. It is important to be ready to get on stage when your time arrives. We stay until everyone signed-up has the chance to perform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my performance?

Three songs or fifteen minutes, whichever comes first

Can young people under 18 perform?

Yes. We love it when young people perform on our stage! We reserve the early open-mic time slots for those under 18 years of age so they can perform before 9PM.

Can I purchase beverages at Influence Music Hall?

Yes. We have a concession area with a variety of beverages (including beers) for purchase.

What equipment should I bring with me?

In general Influence Music Hall provides all the sound equipment you will need. We can plug you into the sound board directly, or mic your guitar if you don’t have a pick-up installed. We have microphones for vocals (NOTE: bring your own pop filter). If you have any question about setting up for your performance be sure to contact the Influence Music Hall staff.

Is there a sound engineer available?

Yes. There will always be a sound engineer on duty to work the sound board and help you set-up and get checked into the sound system.

Does Influence Music Hall have a piano available?

Yes. Influence Music Hall has a grand piano available for your performance should you need it.

What kinds of performance are allowed?

We welcome a variety of types of performance. Over the years we have heard some great poetry readings, rap, country, alt rock … pretty much everything. We do ask that you keep in mind two things: 1) before 9PM there are likely to be young individuals under 18 in the room. Please respect that and guide your vocabulary and lyrical themes accordingly. 2) Influence Music Hall is a family-friendly community built upon respect and consideration of others. If piercing profanity and hateful themes are your thing, you may not get the audience recognition you are looking for.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Email us at influencemusichall@gmail.com (or use the convenient contact form below) or connect with us on our Facebook page at @influencemusichall

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